NON GMO Soya Phosphatidyl Choline 35 (PC35 )

Aarna group also provides highly purified Phosphatidylcholine for use in food, nutritional supplement, over-the-counter, and prescription drug applications. Pure phosphatidylcholine is the most effective method of introducing choline into the bloodstream.

Phosphatcholine (PC) is a natural and fundamental part of all cell membranes. The linoleic acid and choline it contains are substances that the human body cannot synthesize on its own.

They can help the body metabolize the fat and cholesterol, thus positively impacting the cardiovascular system. Due to Lipoproteins, phospholipids can enhance a general reduction of the blood cholesterol level and help promote cell protection in general specially the protection of liver cells.

Soya Phosphatidylcholine-35 is a reddish brown viscous liquid and compound of fractionated soybean lecithin and soybean oil with enriched phospphatidyl choline content. It is a mixture Non polar (triglycerides) and polar (Phosphor & Glyco) Lipids.

Applications: An Essential Nutrient, physiological precursor of acetycholine-An important neurotransmitter Lipotropic & Antinecrotic Agent, used in treatment of Atherosvclerosis. Used in various degenerative nervous disorders related to deficiency of cholinergic neuransmission. A nutrient & Dairy supplement used in pharmacy products in softballs, protein drinks and formulations.

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NON GMO Soya Phosphatidyl Choline 35 (PC35 )


Description Non GMO Soya PC-35 Liquid
Parameter Standard
Appearance Viscous Liquid
Odour Typically Predominantly Soya
Acetone Insoluble
50 % Min
Moisture 0.5 % Max
Acid value
35 Max mg KOH/gm
Peroxide value
5 Max meg/Kg
Hexane Insoluble
0.3 % Max
Toluene Insoluble 0.3 % Max
Viscosity 90 Poise Max
GMO Content

Phosphatide Value

Phosphatidyl Choline
35 % Min
Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine
Phosphatidyl Inositol 0.5-2 %
Phosphatidic Acid 0.5-2 %


Total plate Count
1000 CFU Max
Coliform Absent/gm
Enterobacteriacae Absent/gm
E-Coli Absent/gm
Storage Store in a cool and dry place free from toxic chemicals, Avoid exposure to light and moisture
Shelf Life
18 Months
ISO Tanks, Flexi Tanks, IBC, HDPE & MS Barrels
Hexane Insoluble
0.3 % Max
Packaging Size
24000 Kgs, 1000 Kgs, 800 Kgs, 240 Kgs, 200 Kgs

Storage: Should be kept in cool & dry conditions below 25°C. Avoid exposure to Moisture, heat & light.

Shelf Life: 18 months from the date of manufacturing from the date of manufacturing.

Packing: In 200 & 215 Kgs New MS Barrel & In 200 / 245 Kgs Net in HDPE Barrel, 1MT IBC and in 24 MT in Food Grade ISO Tank.