Also called Indian Corn, or Maize, cereal plant of the tribe of the grass family Gramineae (Poaceae), originating in the Americas, and its edible grain. Corn silk is made into medicines and also used as a medicinal tea. The silks contain various compounds that are used as a diuretic. “A gift of the gods” is how corn was regarded by the Indians of Mexico. This amazing crop has been a staple food for the Mexican culture as well as the crop responsible for 20 percent of the world’s calories from food.

Different types of maize are classified on the basis of their protein content and the hardness of the kernel.

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Moisture, % Max


Aflatoxin, PPB Max


Broken, % Max


Foreign matter, % Max


Weeviled seed, % Max


Damaged/Discolour/Shrivield/Shrunken, % Max


Free from Live Insect / weevils


Free from chemical/urea substances


Free from poisonous seed



50KG PP Bag and Loose In Container

This includes pop, flint, flour and sweet corns.

As starches, sweeteners and ethanol, all made from the starch portion of the corn, refiners produce Corn oil and a variety of important Feed products like gluten meal, gluten feed, corn germ meal and condensed fermented corn extractives. Maize is a rich source of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, dietary fibers, etc. The presence of thiamin in maize helps in keeping the memory power intact, thereby preventing the dreaded “Alzheimer’s” disease. Folate, a good source of Vitamin B helps in preventing birth defects and also helps in lowering the level of Homocysteine that has the potential of damaging the blood vessels. Consumption of corn also prevents the occurrence of lung cancer as it is rich in beta-cryptoxanthin, an orange-red carotenoid found in corn in large proportion.

Maize has a wide variety of uses that ranges from both human to industrial. Maize is used in bird/ cattle feeds, as livestock forage or silage for animals. Humans eat maize or corn in the form of popcorn, porridge, beverage, etc. In terms of industrial usage, the grains of the maize are used in the transformation of plastics and fabrics. Ethanol, produced from maize, is being used as an additive in gas to prevent pollution levels and reduce the use of petroleum.,

Packing: 25 Kg, 40 Kg & 50 Kg New Jute/PP Bags with or without inner bag / poly lined, Loose in Container or as per customer specification / requirement.